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Truck and Bus Tires

Tire Solutions for Professional Fleets.
Tires for trucks and buses are engineered products. They need to be carefully selected to match various operating environments. And like any engineered product, maintenance is critical to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Quality assurance, professional advice, and service delivery are key success factors in extracting maximum value from any truck or bus tire. This is why Giti Tire forms strong partnerships with truck and bus companies around the world. Giti offers end-to-end tire and service solutions that optimize their operation costs and enhance their competitiveness. Additionally, Giti Tire helps them to improve their tire performance through practical workshops and supporting maintenance tools.

China is one of the fastest growth truck and bus tire markets, and has some unique operating environments. Giti Tire has acquired in-depth knowledge of the original equipment market and works together with manufacturers to develop innovative solutions to deliver the services they expect. Today, Giti Tire supplies to the top 10 Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturers. Giti Tire will continue to leverage these capabilities to expand its presence in the international original equipment market.

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