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Global One R&D organization

Our Purpose: To Make World-Class Tires

Our Global One R&D organization brings together a diverse skilled manpower and the latest advanced technology resources from across North America, Europe, China, and Indonesia to develop products tailored to the most demanding requirements of customers in every region of today’s fragmented global market, consistently delivering timely, innovative, high performing, and affordable products.

International Experience with a Multinational Background

Giti Tire's R&D personnel are made up of more than 20 different nationalities, creating a diverse atmosphere with cumulative knowledge and expertise. When combined with state-of-the-art tools and methods, Giti Tire is enabled to produce technology driven products for improved and sustainable profitability while driving new market opportunities.

Giti's Global R&D Reach

R&D Center USA:
Strategically located next to Giti Tire's production factory in South Carolina, the US R&D Center is tasked with the development of all new products for North America OE and replacement market customers. In addition, it works together with the other research centers around the world to integrate strategy and technology into the newest, up-to-date tires.

R&D Center EU:
Sited in Hanover, Germany, this center focuses on OE and replacement tire projects for the European region. It also benchmarks the trends in emerging tire technologies in order to help continuously raise the bar for the performance of our new products.

EU Testing Center :
The vehicle testing department of R&D Center EU is located at UK’s internationally acclaimed proving grounds of Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in Birmingham, UK, where outdoor tests are conducted for both replacement and OE tires.

R&D Center China:
This 27,000 sqm2 state of the art facility in Hefei, China continues to develop since its inception a decade ago, and provides valuable infrastructural support to our global staff for delivering timely and regionalized market products. In addition to conducting its own research and technology development, it collaborates continuously with leading Chinese universities in the fields of tire materials research, tire performance simulation, and tire design technology.

R&D Center Indonesia:
Operated by Giti Tire affiliated company PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk. and located in Tangerang Indonesia. In addition to having the R&D Center in Tangerang, the Company currently is constructing its own modern proving ground in Karawang (Indonesia) that will provide a competitive advantage for its objectives to capture more OE business in the country and South East Asia region, as well as to improve new product development cycle time.

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