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UK Fun Cup Closes Out Fourth Season Driving on Giti Tires

22 October 2019

UK Fun Cup Closes Out Fourth Season Driving on Giti Tires

From the fastest cars at the 24 Hours Nürburgring to intense European truck racing, Giti Tire supplies tires for some of the most serious competitions in the world. Yet in the UK Fun Cup, Giti brings racing back to its basics, as tire supplier for the fun and family-friendly series that takes part all around the UK.

Starting on March 23rd at the famous Brands Hatch, nine races were held throughout the season that recently closed out in October. In the end, Team UVio took the crown among the field of 32 cars that participated in the 2019 season. As its fourth year of sponsorship, Giti provides its GitiCompete GTR2 street/circuit racing tire to support the exciting and fun track action of modified Volkswagen Beetles. In addition, Giti branding is displayed on each car, and branded activities are held during the events to share about Giti to attendees. In addition, one full car is fully branded with the Giti and GT Radial brands.

One strength of the series is the friendly and fun atmosphere at each of the events. It brings together serious race fans, families, and casual observers all together in one environment. And despite the small size of the vehicles, they pack a ton of speed and action into their packages, providing exciting action for those who experience it in person. In addition, the Fun Cup also receives widespread promotion, from motorsports magazines to daily newspapers, general interest magazines, and also television coverage.

The UK Fun Cup demonstrates the spirit of Giti Tire, uniting people in a fun environment – while showcasing the power and talent of drivers, no matter how big their vehicles are!

About Giti Tire

Giti Tire Group (headquartered in Singapore) has roots in the tire business going back to 1951 and is now one of the world’s largest tire companies. Giti Tire produces a broad range of tire products, serving major original equipment vehicle manufacturers, auto-service outlets, motorsports teams, tire dealers, and consumers in more than 130 countries worldwide. The company has eight production centers in three countries, including a recently opened tire factory in South Carolina, USA.

In addition to its wide network, Giti Tire has a strong motorsports presence, including participation in the renowned Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race, the Fun Cup racing series in the UK, tire supplier for the Formula 3 Asia Series, as well as collaborating with many other teams and racing series around the world. The company is also heavily focused on green production and community efforts, including participation in local education and environmental efforts to create a better society.

Find out more at corp.giti.com


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