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World Class Manufacturing Facilities

Giti Tire produces a complete product range of passenger car, light truck, heavy truck, and bus tires that have all passed products international certifications that are recognized worldwide. All of Giti Tire’s plants aggressively implement lean manufacturing, EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) procedures, and energy conservation projects.

Manufacturing Plants

Giti Tire group currently operates eight tire manufacturing plants, with seven located in four locations across China, one located in Indonesia, and a recently opened full-service manufacturing plant in South Carolina, USA. Details about each facility are shown here:

Giti Tire Anhui - the first and largest facility invested in China was founded in 1993. Located in the Hefei Economic and Technology Development Zone, it produces tires for various vehicle types and road conditions. Major R&D and supply chain facilities are also located together with the plant.

Giti Tire Fujian - established in 1995, the facility manufactures PCR and TBR tires.

Giti Tire Yinchuan - acquired in 2002, the facility manufactures TBR and bias tires. It is one of three plants in China with aircraft tire manufacturing and retreading capabilities.

Giti Tire Hualin - acquired in 2003, it manufactures PCR, TBR and Bias tires. Located in Mudanjiang, it is one of the oldest tire manufacturing facilities in China, established in 1937.

PTGT / Giti Indonesia - Located in Tangerang, Indonesia, this partnered factory with PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk manufactures consumer car, SUV, commercial vehicle, off-road, specialty machinery, and motorcycle tires, along with other rubber related products.

Giti Tire USA - Located in South Carolina, United States, this new factory will produce a full range of passenger car and SUV/4x4 tires, especially for the North America market.

Supporting Plants

Anhui Prime Cord Fabrics Co., Ltd, manufactures tire cord
Giti Steel Cord (Hubei) Co., Ltd, manufactures bead wire

Operational Excellence and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety)

Giti Tire is fully committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality control procedures. All plants have obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation (a highest standard of quality control) and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation.

Giti's excellence procedures govern not only operational excellence and efficiency, but also employee health and safety in the work place. In addition, there is a focus on environmental sustainability, through reducing the use of natural resources and increasing material reuse and recycling.

Tire Production Process - Meticulous and Complex

Quality tire production requires the best people, materials, machines, and processes. Giti Tire employees are passionate about building a better and safer tire. Below is an illustration on how a tire is produced from raw materials, using a process of mixing, building, curing, and end production of the final product. This process demonstrates Giti Tire’s relentless desire for improvement to ensure consistent quality.


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