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The Effect of Tires on Fuel Consumption
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For Present and Future Generations
Sustainable Development - A form of progress that allows Giti Tire to meet the needs of present generations, without compromising future generations.

Mobility - The transportation of people and goods from one place to another.

At Giti Tire, we are constantly looking for fresh ideas and partnerships with all concerned about environmental responsibility in the world transport industry, while also helping fleet operators reduce their operating costs.

Giti's Sustainable Mobility Goals and Perspectives

Giti Tire separates its sustainable goal and perspective into 3 main areas: Tire Usage, Manufacturing Process, and Environmental Conservation.

Tire Usage Perspective
More than 60% of the world’s oil output is used in transportation. In trucks/buses, tires contribute to approximately 30% of fuel consumption, or one full tank on every 3 trucks/buses. This can be preserved and reduced through use of the correct tires, in conjunction with proper maintenance.

After years of research, Giti Tire has successfully developed a new tire that consumes less fuel, without sacrificing performance. This new process has been verified by the US Environmental Protection agency, SmartWay.

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In addition, Giti Tire offers professional services through different forms of below-the-line activities - publicizes the most fuel efficient ways to make use of a tire, how to select and maintain energy saving tires while providing the most professional solutions and advices to fleets and users on how to reduce fuel consumption and cost. As a result, Giti Tire was selected as the first tire supplier to assist over 500,000 transport companies in China, the fastest growing transportation market in the world, to further improve energy utilization. By providing the right tires and relevant technical support, Giti Tire will help promote sustainable development of the industry while creating tremendous environmental benefits to the society.

Tire Manufacturing Perspective
Energy and non-renewable raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive. It is essential to optimize their use and conserve them over the long term, while keeping tires affordably priced. The challenge: to meet all these goals without sacrificing tire performance, while being mindful of our responsibility to the environment and the people who live in it.

Therefore, the Giti Manufacturing Group is committed to reducing air emissions, water emissions, scrap and indirect materials, while increasing reuse/recycling.

Environmental Conservation Perspective
Giti Tire donated USD 1 million for 260,000 hectares of conservation projects in northern Sumatra (Indonesia) and the Mountains of Southwest China in a partnership agreement with Conservation International (CI).

Protecting these forest areas from conversion into vegetation with lower biomass (tree plantations or agriculture) conserves about 100 tons of carbon per hectare, or 26 million tons of carbon in total, which is equivalent to about 100 years of carbon emissions resulting from coal burning at Giti Tire plants.
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